Friends: Get $50 for Using this Awesome New Crypto “Debit” Card

I like meeting people who are interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I also like earning money and crypto. So, I’m writing this blog post to tell you and my other friends about a new crypto-based Visa card and app that can hold all of your crypto (and regular money). This allows you to spend your crypto instantaneously anywhere Visa is accepted and there are a lot of other awesome benefits from holding (staking) crypto on your card. Depending on how much you stake you get free Spotify, Netflix, even airport lounge privileges if you stake enough. Staking essentially means just committing to hold If you sign up as my friend using this link, stake at least 50 crypto for six months (then you can spend it however you want) and start using the card the company will give you $50 USD in your wallet. You get all of your crypto back after six months so it’s almost like getting a free $50 for getting one of the first Visa cards that lets you spend your crypto.

You can connect with me on social media using any of the social media links at the top of the page. Thanks for visiting and if you end up loving this new card and app please message me and let me know!


PS I’m going to be adding more details to this post and hopefully doing a video soon.